Gecsotor ™ System: A Revolutionary Invention for Vehicles

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The issue of the stable position of moving objects, ease of driving, regardless of climatic factors, is on the agenda today especially acute.

Geopolitical integration dictates the increased need for mobile and reliable means of transportation, which are not afraid of rain, blizzards, cold. The problem of icy roads and runways, it would seem impossible to solve. However, Russian and German engineers have successfully refuted this claim, creating a unique system “Geksotor”. The invention is intended to facilitate the management of land, water, air and space vehicles, making them independent of weather conditions.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. “The object control system in the Geksotor ™ space meets the requirements for this type of work and is of practical importance.

What is it for
The development of Moscow and Berlin engineers, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, emphasizes the importance and relevance of the problem of safe movement on land, air and water. Human life is a priority of any state policy, therefore the issue of transport reliability is given increased attention. Gecsotor ™ products are designed to facilitate the management of vehicles, make them more reliable and safe, reduce the number of emergencies, reduce the number of repairs, increase the profitability of operating vehicles.


Operating principle
The effect of the gyroscope, discovered at the beginning of the last century, is well known, but in this case the law of physics is applied at a slightly different angle than the traditional view. The energy of any system consisting of a pair of flywheels, can accumulate or be given away. Due to this, a lever is formed, which stabilizes the position of the object in space without rigidly binding to the coordinate system. Moreover, the greater the mass, the easier it is to manage. This principle formed the basis of the operation of the scheme, thanks to which any device independently can turn in the right direction or fix the position without human intervention.

Cars and trucks
Ground transportation is leading among all in the number of emergency situations. Unfortunately, people die on the roads every day. By equipping each vehicle with the Hexotor scheme, it is possible to count on reducing accidents. The invention is quite suitable for any land vehicles: cars and trucks, buses and trolley buses, motorcycles and scooters. The system allows:

maintain stability when turning;
ride safely over difficult terrain;
avoid turning on slippery tracks;
evenly distribute the load between the axles.

Dry cargo and icebreakers
Stability is the most important indicator of the reliability of a floating vehicle. The sea is a dangerous element, storms and storms are bad helpers to captains, but they should not despair. The development of Geksotor ™ will significantly increase the reliability of water transport facilities, increase passenger comfort, and reduce the travel time of long distances, which is extremely important when transporting goods. The system allows:

improve visibility in fog and darkness;
stabilize exchange rate stability;
easily pass difficult areas;
swim in any weather, in a storm and storm.
Airplanes and Helicopters
Most of the others are waiting for the widespread introduction of the Geksotor ™ system, perhaps, pilots. It is they who have the hardest time during bad weather, in snow and rain, on short and even more icy runways. The integration of a smart scheme will allow large ships to land at any airports, minimizing the number of canceled or postponed flights. It is important that the development operates on devices with vertical takeoff. Undoubted advantages for aviation:

control in hypersound without the use of aerodynamics;
exclusion of peak situations, distortions, cabling;
flying without engines with changeable thrust vectoring;
optimization of aerodynamic parameters and improved flight properties.
Satellites and rockets
In the field of space exploration, the powers that have adopted the use of ships with the Gecsotor ™ system are opening up to truly unearthly prospects. Most unsuccessful flights are due to inaccurate connections. Innovative development of Moscow and Berlin engineers will eliminate this problem: a clear control of the trajectory will allow the starships to join the orbital station. But there are other advantages of the invention for astronautics:

smooth passage of dense layers of the atmosphere;
the possibility of acceleration at an angle to the light flux;
planting waste fragments without fuel consumption;
direction of space debris for complete burning.
Economic effect
Prospects for the introduction of the system "Geksotor" in mass production have already managed to evaluate the financiers. According to experts, the economic benefit will amount to a cosmic sum with many zeros. It was not without reason that prominent representatives of foreign business have already shown keen interest in domestic development. But the most important thing is the thousands of lives saved due to the increased reliability and safety of vehicles. In this regard, the invention of Gecsotor ™ has no analogues, it can drastically change the vector of development of world science and technology.

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