In the air as on the ground with the system Gesotor ™

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The stability of aircraft and missiles is one of the most important problems that aircraft designers have been solving for many years. The slightest changes in wind, weather fluctuations, climatic factors can seriously affect the flight path, or even cancel it. Now it will be much easier for engineers: the Gecsotor system created by Russian and German developers is designed to solve the equilibrium problem of aircraft, regardless of external factors.

Safety criteria
The principle of operation of the invention, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, consists in the transmission of the energy of twin flywheels. It is known that any mechanical system is capable of both accumulating and delivering kinetic energy, which stabilizes an object in space and time. At the same time, mass and inertial moment are not important: the laws of physics apply to small devices and to impressive objects. The implementation of a smart scheme contains enormous potential, beneficial for people and technical means.

The Gecsotor ™ system has already received recognition from drivers of cars and trucks, sailors and ship captains. Not less dividends will be received by pilots of planes and designers of intergalactic satellites. The stability of aircraft in all weather conditions is, first of all, the safety of people, the long service life of vehicles, flights to wind, rain and storm. All this will increase the comfort of passengers and bring considerable profits to developers, manufacturers and the state in the form of contributions to the budget.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. The “object management system in Gecsotor ™ space” meets the requirements for this type of work and has practical significance.

For airplanes and helicopters
Perhaps the most tangible dividends from the introduction of the Geksotor system will be civil aviation passengers. Tourists, who often use the services of air carriers, know how far the constant delays and flights are out of the rut. The integration of a smart scheme will allow aircraft to be raised regardless of climatic problems and to land in any weather. At the same time, nothing threatens the safety of people: thanks to the gyro effect, it is possible to subtly maneuver and rigidly fix the device in the desired position.

This is especially true for large ships with a high inertial moment, as well as for units with a complex geometry of the stealth wing. By optimizing the aerodynamic properties, the flight qualities of the vehicles are improved, thanks to the increased stability, you can take off and land planes on shorter lanes, the varying thrust vector allows you to control ships without ailerons and rudders. The main thing is that the risk of overturning is completely excluded even in the most difficult weather conditions. The system is applicable for helicopters and other units with vertical takeoff.

Galaxies are getting closer
The conquest of interstellar space is an important political moment, the criterion for the successful development of a particular power. The success of manned spacecraft and satellites depends largely on the reliable position of the body in space. Thanks to the Gecsotor ™ product, the device itself acts as a lever that allows you to fix the desired position, rotate in the desired direction, and ensure the compensation of the force moment without a rigid reference to the coordinate system. This will significantly reduce the number of emergency situations.

The integration of the scheme will allow you to stably control the passage of dense layers of the atmosphere, accelerate the ship in an orbit close to the Sun, and optimize the movement of space debris for complete combustion. The most important moment is the precise docking of the ships and the directional landing of the spent fragments. All this will be possible thanks to the Gecsotor ™ system, which has already become interested in prominent representatives of international business from all continents. The economic effect of the introduction of the invention promises to be impressive.

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