System Gecsotor ™: The revolutionary invention of Russian designers

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System Geksotor ™ (Gecsotor ™): The revolutionary invention of Russian designers

The joint development of Russian and German designers, which promptly went through the patenting process and obtained the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, is doomed to success in the production of control systems for moving objects. The Geksotor ™ scheme, aimed at increasing the stability of vehicles in all weather conditions, is particularly relevant for vehicles. Machines, aircraft, ships are becoming more and more, the need for passenger and cargo transportation is increasing. Accordingly, the requirements for the safety of movement are tightened, with which the unique invention fully satisfies.

Familiar principle in a new way
The well-known effect of the gyroscope, which makes it possible to keep the balance to very impressive objects in terms of mass and dimensions, is applied from a different angle. It is no secret that any system consisting of several pairs of flywheels is capable of delivering or accumulating kinetic energy, which is then transmitted to the lever for fixation or rotation. The bigger it is, the easier the control is. In this case, the object itself acts as a kind of lever, while the “motor – generator” system does not require energy storage.

Control of the position of a moving object in space occurs every second, but without reference in a rigid coordinate system. This allows the apparatus to independently perform the correct actions: turn in the right direction, stabilize the course or stop. At the same time, the unit itself cannot overturn, which is important for land, water, air, space transport. The invention of Moscow and Berlin engineers, of course, radically change the idea of ​​the safety of movement.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. "The object management system in space" meets the requirements for this type of work, and has practical significance.

схемы «Гексотор» (Gecsotor™)

Cosmos getting closer
A clear interaction of the power cores of spacecraft control systems is the key to successful development of intergalactic space. It is no secret that most often unsuccessful flights occur either as a result of incorrect calculations, or due to incorrect instructions. The introduction of the Geksotor ™ smart scheme will significantly improve the accuracy of the trajectory, which is extremely important when docking - the most crucial moments of interstellar flights. But these are not all the advantages of a system that allows:

follow the specified route exactly in the best orbit;
optimize the course when approaching a manned station;
perform the acceleration under the tack with a solar sail, at an angle to the light;
send space debris in a given direction for complete burning;
Do not use jet fuel when planting recycled fragments.
The sky beckons
Airplanes and helicopters, quadrocopters and convertible planes - aircraft of any type will change dramatically as a result of being equipped with the Geksotor system. Many people are afraid to fly, but after the world learns about the new invention, there will surely be less of them. A significant reduction in the number of accidents and accidents, tens of thousands of saved human lives - the main achievement of the smart scheme, which you can talk about now. But it is equally important that it becomes easier to control the aircraft. Pilots can count on:

the ability to sit down and take off on shorter lanes;
improvement of the flight properties of the entrusted apparatus;
optimization of aerodynamic characteristics;
elimination of distortions, cabbing, pique and other abnormal situations;
the ability to control without rudders and ailerons, including in hypersound.
Profit and income
The economic effect of the widespread introduction of the product Geksotor ™ is difficult to calculate accurately, but according to expert estimates, it can be a matter of several billion euros. This is confirmed by Yevgeny Samoilov, an analyst at the Independent Bureau for Economic Justification Prerogative.

“The most valuable thing is that there is no need to modernize the production and invest in research and development,” notes Evgeny Samoilov. - Equipment of vehicles with a new system will not require large capital investments, because the invention is designed both for modern devices and for outdated models. In the past, it is able to breathe a second life and extend the life for several years.

It is no coincidence that today, active businessmen in the development are shown by foreign businessmen who are ready to invest a lot of money in the production and implementation of the project. He promises to be not only profitable, but also highly liquid. This means that very soon dividends from equipping vehicles with the Gecsotor ™ system will begin to flow not only in the form of satisfaction of pilots, cosmonauts, car owners, sailors, passengers, but also in the form of cash receipts to the state budget.

схемы «Гексотор» (Gecsotor™)

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