Gecsotor ™ system: a new word in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industry

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More recently, a group of Russian and German scientists has created a unique development that instantly riveted the attention of designers around the world. The Gecsotor ™ system, aimed at improving the stability of moving objects, regardless of external factors, can be a revolutionary step towards progress. What driver, pilot, captain does not dream about the balance of the vehicle entrusted to him, regardless of weather conditions? This will be possible after the integration of a smart circuit into the control system of each device.

The principle of the development, which received the certificate of Rospatent number 2679691, is quite simple. Due to the accumulation of the kinetic energy of twin flywheels, in which the object itself acts as a lever, the apparatus is further stabilized in space without reference to the coordinate system. Moreover, the greater the lever, the easier the control, which is well known by the law of the gyroscope, opened at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. That is, the larger the mass of a moving object, the easier it is to manipulate it. This is truly a revolutionary development that can have a serious impact on the vector of further development of various industries.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. “The object control system in the Geksotor ™ space meets the requirements for this type of work and is of practical importance.

Potential for aviation and cars

The enormous potential of the development of Moscow and Berlin scientists lies in reducing the number of aircraft crashes and accidents on the roads. It is possible to use the Geksotor ™ system in normal and emergency situations. It is important that the scheme works perfectly with light-duty vehicles, as well as on large ships with high inertia moment and complex stealth aerodynamics. Cargo and light cars will be more stable to stay on the road, drifts will be minimal. It can not please the pilots, drivers and passengers. What exactly does the introduction of innovative development?

· Ability to take off and land on short strips of airfields.

· Aircraft control in hypersound without ailerons and rudders.

· Stabilization of the object in case of strong side wind and icing.

· Optimization of performance properties for vehicles with vertical takeoff.

· Improving the flight performance of new and old aircraft.

· Prevention of cabrirovaniye, distortions, drifts, possible peak situations.

· Facilitate control regardless of weather conditions at any time of the year.

Prospects for astronautics

The integration of the Gecsotor ™ scheme into manned and unmanned ships opens up truly revolutionary opportunities for progress. The days are not far distant when the presence of a smart system will allow us to talk about the development of the space industry in a single country. The accumulation of the kinetic energy of a pair of flywheels — this system underlies the functioning of any aircraft — makes it possible to stabilize without a rigid reference to the spatial coordinate system. What other benefits will space objects equipped with the Hexotor scheme?

· Easy passage of the most difficult area - dense layers of the atmosphere.

· The possibility of acceleration at an angle to the light flux (the so-called "solar sail").

· A clear direction of the trajectory, which is especially important when joining.

· True to space debris to give a directional fall.

· Landing waste stages without additional fuel consumption.

· A clear fixation of the object in the desired position, fast maneuverability and turns.

· Development of the optimal flight trajectory along the orbit as close as possible to the Sun.

The operational advantages of the widespread introduction of the Geksotor ™ system are visible even to a non-specialist. The service life of the equipment will increase, the number of accidents will decrease, the number of emergency situations will decrease, which will save thousands of human lives, make flights more accessible and attractive. This will give impetus to the further development of the transport industry, attract additional funds to the budget, and make the aviation and space business more profitable and profitable.

No wonder representatives of Western business circles are seriously interested in the Russian-German development. Countries planning to adopt a unique invention will not fail: the potential benefit has already been calculated by economists and contains amounts with many zeros. Russia, like no other country in the world, is better aware of the importance of the development of automobiles, aviation and cosmonautics. Therefore, there is no doubt that with the support at the state level, the integration of the Gecsotor ™ smart scheme will open new horizons for the domestic industry to reach the front lines.

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