Innovative invention for cars, airplanes and rockets

The Geksotor ™ system, recently introduced to the general public, was created by Russian and German engineers. It is designed to stabilize and increase the stability of objects in space, regardless of environmental conditions. It is characteristic that the larger the object, the more successfully the system functions. The development is applicable to any direction of technology, including all types of aerospace industry.

In the sky like on earth

The recently introduced system of Giros Kinetic Stability Active Control (GKSAC), which operates on the same principle, is designed to increase the course stability of trucks and cars, precise control during cornering, and no turning over on an icy track. Now airplanes will get the same opportunities. For passenger and transport aviation, the problem of weather conditions is extremely relevant: avid tourists know how often flights are delayed due to wind, rain, and snow.

The problem can be completely solved after integrating the Gecsotor ™ into the liner control system. It is important that the scheme works on light vehicles and on large ships. Control is carried out using the interaction of spaced power units consisting of paired super-flywheels standing in different spatial planes. In addition, it is additionally possible to use energy storage by the “motor – generator bundle”.

After installing the Geksotor ™ scheme, the liner will receive additional stability, that is, leads to the side and distortions will be eliminated. It will be easier to control, which can be carried out without aileron and steering. Aircraft will be able to take off and land on the strip with a shorter length. The novelty will affect the improvement of the flight properties of convertoplanes, helicopters and other units with vertical takeoff. New features will receive devices made using stealth technology.

In space, you can fly confidently

Spacecraft - vehicles with a large inertial moment - especially need additional control capabilities. The invention of Geksotor ™, which has already completed the patenting process and obtained the relevant certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, will help to achieve this. The rocket body without a rigid binding to the initial point of coordinates is in itself a kind of lever that facilitates control.

Among the most important advantages of development for spacecraft are such factors as reliable control of the object when entering the atmosphere (it is here that unforeseen events often occur), as well as the ability to fix and rotate the object in any direction regardless of the surrounding conditions. The possibility of a spacecraft moving at an angle to the light flux will be used - such a tack trajectory is also called acceleration with a solar sail.

Huge prospects are promised by the optimization of the approach to space junk, the transfer of kinetic energy and the imparting to it the desired trajectory for safe combustion. The enormous economic benefits will be brought by the prospect of using the planting of spent plant fragments without the consumption of jet fuel. This promises considerable dividends to designers, manufacturers, the state. In short, the widespread introduction of the Gecsotor ™ system, to which large Western and Russian entrepreneurs have already shown unprecedented interest, is beneficial to all.

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