The Gecsotor ™ system: new features of aircraft


03 APRIL 2019

The joint invention of Russian and German engineers, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, has every chance not only to say a new word in the aircraft industry and astronautics, but also to become a truly revolutionary step in the development of airspace.

The success of using the Gecsotor ™ system on cars and trucks, ships and submarines has been calculated: very impressive figures are obtained. Integration of the smart scheme in transport and passenger aircraft will bring no less benefit.

In interstellar space



The principle of operation of the “Gecsotor ™” scheme is based on controlling the position of an object, carried out by giving or accumulating the kinetic energy of paired super-flywheels or whole force systems, as well as the well-known gyro effect. In this case, the apparatus itself acts as a lever, which makes it possible to perform the required actions: rotate, fix, or compensate for the moment of forces without a rigid reference to the spatial coordinate system. Due to this, spacecraft open up truly revolutionary perspectives, which only recently could only be dreamed of. Among them, it is worth highlighting the following aspects:

Flying in the sky


The enormous potential in terms of security holds the introduction of the scheme in transport and passenger aircraft. The innovative invention "Geksotor ™" will allow you to safely and reliably control various aircraft, including those made by stealth technology. At the same time, the “motor – generator” bundle does not need to be supplied with energy during an accident. The system is effective for any units, including with vertical takeoff - convertible planes or helicopters. New horizons have opened up in the creation of unmanned vehicles, in the synergy of artificial intelligence and the modular construction of objects. Among other undoubted advantages, the following factors should be noted:

These and many other criteria of reliability and safety will allow, firstly, to significantly reduce the number of emergencies, and secondly, to change the concept in the manufacture of aircraft. This will give huge savings. It is no coincidence that many representatives of foreign businesses have actively become interested in the Gecsotor ™ system. There is no doubt that the implementation of the development will be a matter of national importance. Integration of the invention into aircraft will save thousands of human lives, which is a priority issue, as well as bring substantial profits to corporations and government budgets of many major world powers.

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