Gecsotor ™: Innovative Aircraft and Missile Development

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The joint invention of Moscow and Berlin designers "Geksotor ™", aimed at increasing the stability of heavy objects with a large inertial mass, has already caused quite a stir in the global technical community. However, many experts and ordinary consumers believe that the Geksotor system, which completed the patenting process and received the relevant certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, is intended mainly for land vehicles. This is not the case: aircraft construction and astronautics will receive enormous prospects from the introduction.


To distant galaxies

First of all, we are talking about a fundamentally different object management system. This is important when the spacecraft enters the dense atmosphere, where the risk of emergency situations is especially great. Docking the ship now is easy.
In addition, there will be a lot of unprecedented opportunities. The creators see a great prospect in the movement of the spacecraft under the tack, with the so-called solar sail. The optimal approach path to space debris and giving it the necessary course for safe disposal seems to be effective. It seems promising to plant waste stages without using additional jet fuel, which will save a lot of money. On all sides, the implementation of this system is technically feasible and cost-effective.

Aircraft safety for passengers

It is no secret that the fleet of aircraft used by most of the world's carriers is morally and physically obsolete. From the point of view of flight safety and the vast majority of fleet units, it is simply dangerous to fly on some units. The product “Gecsotor ™” will change the concept of civil aviation safety. The control capabilities of aircraft made using stealth technology will change dramatically. Hexotor will make life easier for pilots and will add comfort in the management of such complex vehicles. Meanwhile, an aircraft with an integrated system of rotation, fixation and stabilization of the object will allow not to think about the climatic conditions and weather factors without the risk of creating an emergency. Given the potential for recovery, it can be used in both normal and force majeure situations.


What specific perspectives will an aircraft with an integrated Geksotor ™ system get?
Significantly improved flight performance. It will be possible to take off and sit on the strip with a reduced length. Artificial intelligence and pilots will be able to change the trajectory of movement, despite the aerodynamic capabilities of the device - without the use of the steering wheel, ailerons, engines with varying vector thrust. The Gecsotor ™ project is designed to control when flying in hypersound.

The characteristics of vertical take-off aircraft, in particular, convertiplanes, will increase. One of the main ideas of the project is the ability to maintain directional stability when moving in space, due to the interaction between the power elements or the body of the apparatus.
It is no secret that in manned flights around the world a great experience has been gained in creating aircraft, but with the new approach to conventional mechanics, new horizons have opened up for further development. In the development of the Artificial Inetlect and unmanned airspace, the Hexotor project ("Gecsotor ™"), adapted for UAVs, will create new directions, from flying platforms, to transformers modified by combat characteristics.

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