Steady car - passenger safety


The idea to create a sustainable vehicle capable of maintaining a balance regardless of any operating conditions, the best minds of mankind hatched for a long time. However, the recent invention of Russian scientists will surely make people talk about a new era of automotive industry.

New approach to old ideas
Back in 1913, the Wolseley Gyrocar was tested - a 2750-pound unit, which, despite its enormous weight, perfectly balanced on two wheels. Just like a LitMotors C-1 hoverboard, whose flywheels rotate at a speed of up to 12 thousand revolutions per minute. It was tested in 2010.

The technology of active management of Giros Kinetic Stability, developed by Russian designers together with German colleagues, is capable of striking even the most experienced professional. The novelty is so nontrivial that it has no analogues in the modern scientific and technical world. The main invention is the Gecsotor ™ system, recently developed by Moscow and Berlin engineers. She has already received a patent in Russia and abroad.

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Устойчивый автомобиль – безопасность пассажиров