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The issue of the stable position of moving objects, ease of driving, regardless of climatic factors, is on the agenda today especially acute.

Geopolitical integration dictates the increased need for mobile and reliable means of transportation, which are not afraid of rain, blizzards, cold. The problem of icy roads and runways, it would seem impossible to solve. However, Russian and German engineers have successfully refuted this claim, creating a unique system “Geksotor”. The invention is intended to facilitate the management of land, water, air and space vehicles, making them independent of weather conditions.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. “The object control system in the Geksotor ™ space meets the requirements for this type of work and is of practical importance.

What is it for
The development of Moscow and Berlin engineers, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, emphasizes the importance and relevance of the problem of safe movement on land, air and water. Human life is a priority of any state policy, therefore the issue of transport reliability is given increased attention. Gecsotor ™ products are designed to facilitate the management of vehicles, make them more reliable and safe, reduce the number of emergencies, reduce the number of repairs, increase the profitability of operating vehicles.


Operating principle
The effect of the gyroscope, discovered at the beginning of the last century, is well known, but in this case the law of physics is applied at a slightly different angle than the traditional view. The energy of any system consisting of a pair of flywheels, can accumulate or be given away. Due to this, a lever is formed, which stabilizes the position of the object in space without rigidly binding to the coordinate system. Moreover, the greater the mass, the easier it is to manage. This principle formed the basis of the operation of the scheme, thanks to which any device independently can turn in the right direction or fix the position without human intervention.

Cars and trucks
Ground transportation is leading among all in the number of emergency situations. Unfortunately, people die on the roads every day. By equipping each vehicle with the Hexotor scheme, it is possible to count on reducing accidents. The invention is quite suitable for any land vehicles: cars and trucks, buses and trolley buses, motorcycles and scooters. The system allows:

maintain stability when turning;
ride safely over difficult terrain;
avoid turning on slippery tracks;
evenly distribute the load between the axles.

Dry cargo and icebreakers
Stability is the most important indicator of the reliability of a floating vehicle. The sea is a dangerous element, storms and storms are bad helpers to captains, but they should not despair. The development of Geksotor ™ will significantly increase the reliability of water transport facilities, increase passenger comfort, and reduce the travel time of long distances, which is extremely important when transporting goods. The system allows:

improve visibility in fog and darkness;
stabilize exchange rate stability;
easily pass difficult areas;
swim in any weather, in a storm and storm.
Airplanes and Helicopters
Most of the others are waiting for the widespread introduction of the Geksotor ™ system, perhaps, pilots. It is they who have the hardest time during bad weather, in snow and rain, on short and even more icy runways. The integration of a smart scheme will allow large ships to land at any airports, minimizing the number of canceled or postponed flights. It is important that the development operates on devices with vertical takeoff. Undoubted advantages for aviation:

control in hypersound without the use of aerodynamics;
exclusion of peak situations, distortions, cabling;
flying without engines with changeable thrust vectoring;
optimization of aerodynamic parameters and improved flight properties.
Satellites and rockets
In the field of space exploration, the powers that have adopted the use of ships with the Gecsotor ™ system are opening up to truly unearthly prospects. Most unsuccessful flights are due to inaccurate connections. Innovative development of Moscow and Berlin engineers will eliminate this problem: a clear control of the trajectory will allow the starships to join the orbital station. But there are other advantages of the invention for astronautics:

smooth passage of dense layers of the atmosphere;
the possibility of acceleration at an angle to the light flux;
planting waste fragments without fuel consumption;
direction of space debris for complete burning.
Economic effect
Prospects for the introduction of the system "Geksotor" in mass production have already managed to evaluate the financiers. According to experts, the economic benefit will amount to a cosmic sum with many zeros. It was not without reason that prominent representatives of foreign business have already shown keen interest in domestic development. But the most important thing is the thousands of lives saved due to the increased reliability and safety of vehicles. In this regard, the invention of Gecsotor ™ has no analogues, it can drastically change the vector of development of world science and technology.

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The stability of aircraft and missiles is one of the most important problems that aircraft designers have been solving for many years. The slightest changes in wind, weather fluctuations, climatic factors can seriously affect the flight path, or even cancel it. Now it will be much easier for engineers: the Gecsotor system created by Russian and German developers is designed to solve the equilibrium problem of aircraft, regardless of external factors.

Safety criteria
The principle of operation of the invention, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, consists in the transmission of the energy of twin flywheels. It is known that any mechanical system is capable of both accumulating and delivering kinetic energy, which stabilizes an object in space and time. At the same time, mass and inertial moment are not important: the laws of physics apply to small devices and to impressive objects. The implementation of a smart scheme contains enormous potential, beneficial for people and technical means.

The Gecsotor ™ system has already received recognition from drivers of cars and trucks, sailors and ship captains. Not less dividends will be received by pilots of planes and designers of intergalactic satellites. The stability of aircraft in all weather conditions is, first of all, the safety of people, the long service life of vehicles, flights to wind, rain and storm. All this will increase the comfort of passengers and bring considerable profits to developers, manufacturers and the state in the form of contributions to the budget.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. The “object management system in Gecsotor ™ space” meets the requirements for this type of work and has practical significance.

For airplanes and helicopters
Perhaps the most tangible dividends from the introduction of the Geksotor system will be civil aviation passengers. Tourists, who often use the services of air carriers, know how far the constant delays and flights are out of the rut. The integration of a smart scheme will allow aircraft to be raised regardless of climatic problems and to land in any weather. At the same time, nothing threatens the safety of people: thanks to the gyro effect, it is possible to subtly maneuver and rigidly fix the device in the desired position.

This is especially true for large ships with a high inertial moment, as well as for units with a complex geometry of the stealth wing. By optimizing the aerodynamic properties, the flight qualities of the vehicles are improved, thanks to the increased stability, you can take off and land planes on shorter lanes, the varying thrust vector allows you to control ships without ailerons and rudders. The main thing is that the risk of overturning is completely excluded even in the most difficult weather conditions. The system is applicable for helicopters and other units with vertical takeoff.

Galaxies are getting closer
The conquest of interstellar space is an important political moment, the criterion for the successful development of a particular power. The success of manned spacecraft and satellites depends largely on the reliable position of the body in space. Thanks to the Gecsotor ™ product, the device itself acts as a lever that allows you to fix the desired position, rotate in the desired direction, and ensure the compensation of the force moment without a rigid reference to the coordinate system. This will significantly reduce the number of emergency situations.

The integration of the scheme will allow you to stably control the passage of dense layers of the atmosphere, accelerate the ship in an orbit close to the Sun, and optimize the movement of space debris for complete combustion. The most important moment is the precise docking of the ships and the directional landing of the spent fragments. All this will be possible thanks to the Gecsotor ™ system, which has already become interested in prominent representatives of international business from all continents. The economic effect of the introduction of the invention promises to be impressive.

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System Geksotor ™ (Gecsotor ™): The revolutionary invention of Russian designers

The joint development of Russian and German designers, which promptly went through the patenting process and obtained the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, is doomed to success in the production of control systems for moving objects. The Geksotor ™ scheme, aimed at increasing the stability of vehicles in all weather conditions, is particularly relevant for vehicles. Machines, aircraft, ships are becoming more and more, the need for passenger and cargo transportation is increasing. Accordingly, the requirements for the safety of movement are tightened, with which the unique invention fully satisfies.

Familiar principle in a new way
The well-known effect of the gyroscope, which makes it possible to keep the balance to very impressive objects in terms of mass and dimensions, is applied from a different angle. It is no secret that any system consisting of several pairs of flywheels is capable of delivering or accumulating kinetic energy, which is then transmitted to the lever for fixation or rotation. The bigger it is, the easier the control is. In this case, the object itself acts as a kind of lever, while the “motor – generator” system does not require energy storage.

Control of the position of a moving object in space occurs every second, but without reference in a rigid coordinate system. This allows the apparatus to independently perform the correct actions: turn in the right direction, stabilize the course or stop. At the same time, the unit itself cannot overturn, which is important for land, water, air, space transport. The invention of Moscow and Berlin engineers, of course, radically change the idea of ​​the safety of movement.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. "The object management system in space" meets the requirements for this type of work, and has practical significance.

схемы «Гексотор» (Gecsotor™)

Cosmos getting closer
A clear interaction of the power cores of spacecraft control systems is the key to successful development of intergalactic space. It is no secret that most often unsuccessful flights occur either as a result of incorrect calculations, or due to incorrect instructions. The introduction of the Geksotor ™ smart scheme will significantly improve the accuracy of the trajectory, which is extremely important when docking - the most crucial moments of interstellar flights. But these are not all the advantages of a system that allows:

follow the specified route exactly in the best orbit;
optimize the course when approaching a manned station;
perform the acceleration under the tack with a solar sail, at an angle to the light;
send space debris in a given direction for complete burning;
Do not use jet fuel when planting recycled fragments.
The sky beckons
Airplanes and helicopters, quadrocopters and convertible planes - aircraft of any type will change dramatically as a result of being equipped with the Geksotor system. Many people are afraid to fly, but after the world learns about the new invention, there will surely be less of them. A significant reduction in the number of accidents and accidents, tens of thousands of saved human lives - the main achievement of the smart scheme, which you can talk about now. But it is equally important that it becomes easier to control the aircraft. Pilots can count on:

the ability to sit down and take off on shorter lanes;
improvement of the flight properties of the entrusted apparatus;
optimization of aerodynamic characteristics;
elimination of distortions, cabbing, pique and other abnormal situations;
the ability to control without rudders and ailerons, including in hypersound.
Profit and income
The economic effect of the widespread introduction of the product Geksotor ™ is difficult to calculate accurately, but according to expert estimates, it can be a matter of several billion euros. This is confirmed by Yevgeny Samoilov, an analyst at the Independent Bureau for Economic Justification Prerogative.

“The most valuable thing is that there is no need to modernize the production and invest in research and development,” notes Evgeny Samoilov. - Equipment of vehicles with a new system will not require large capital investments, because the invention is designed both for modern devices and for outdated models. In the past, it is able to breathe a second life and extend the life for several years.

It is no coincidence that today, active businessmen in the development are shown by foreign businessmen who are ready to invest a lot of money in the production and implementation of the project. He promises to be not only profitable, but also highly liquid. This means that very soon dividends from equipping vehicles with the Gecsotor ™ system will begin to flow not only in the form of satisfaction of pilots, cosmonauts, car owners, sailors, passengers, but also in the form of cash receipts to the state budget.

схемы «Гексотор» (Gecsotor™)

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Inventions in the automotive, aerospace and aerospace industries have always been revolutionary. The development of air and intergalactic space is one of the criteria for progress and development of the state. No wonder this aspect of the leading powers pay great attention. It is no coincidence that the global public interest caused by the joint invention of Moscow and Berlin engineers, which has already passed the patenting process. The certificate obtained under the number 2679691 belongs to the Gecsotor ™ system, which is aimed at improving the stability of vehicles and the ability to control moving objects regardless of weather conditions.

If you think about it, this prospect seems fantastic. Snow, rain, blizzard, it would seem, can not affect the trajectory of movement on the highway and in the air. But the integration of the Gecsotor ™ scheme avoids the risk of turning over even with strong winds. A big help for drivers and pilots - the ability to take off and land on airfields with short runways, a clear stabilization of the object with distortions and other emergency moments, ease of control of an aircraft or a car, regardless of external factors.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. "The object management system in space" meets the requirements for this type of work, and has practical significance.

Pochuvstvovat' preimushchestva izobreteniya smogut i passazhiry. Kto ne znayet prelesti ozhidaniya v aeroportu letnoy pogody?! Teper' samolety smogut podnimat'sya v vozdukh dazhe v mokryy sneg i pri obledenenii, chto yeshche sovsem nedavno kazalos' utopiyey. Eto fakticheski oznachayet, chto regulyarnyye i charternyye reysy bol'she ne stanut perenosit'sya. Vo vremya poleta passazhiry prakticheski ne budut oshchushchat' vozdushnykh yam – umnaya sistema obespechit rovnoye i plavnoye peredvizheniye samoleta v turbulentnykh potokakh. Vazhno, chto eta skhema rabotayet v otnoshenii vertoletov, konvertoplanov i prochikh apparatov s vertikal'nym vzletom. Novyye gorizonty iskusstvennogo intellekta otkryvayutsya pered temi, kto upravlyayet sputnikami i kosmicheskimi korablyami. Blagodarya nakaplivaniyu kineticheskoy energii parnykh makhovikov poyavlyayetsya vozmozhnost' chetko upravlyat' ob"yektom pri prokhozhdenii plotnykh sloyev atmosfery, napravlyat' otrabotannyye chasti pod nuzhnym uglom dlya polnogo sgoraniya. Stanovitsya real'nymi takiye momenty, kak razgon s solnechnym parusom pod galsom, upravleniye otrabotannymi stupenyami bez primeneniya reaktivnogo topliva. Eto pozvolit znachitel'no snizit' zatraty i povysit' ekonomicheskuyu effektivnost' osvoyeniya kosmosa.
Feel the benefits of the invention will be able and passengers. Who does not know the charm of waiting at the airport of summer weather? Now airplanes will be able to rise into the air even in sleet and during icing, which only recently seemed utopia. This actually means that regular and charter flights will no longer be carried. During the flight, passengers will hardly feel the air holes - the intelligent system will ensure smooth and smooth movement of the aircraft in turbulent flows. It is important that this scheme works in relation to helicopters, convertiplanes and other devices with vertical takeoff.

New horizons of artificial intelligence are opening up to those who control satellites and spacecraft. Thanks to the accumulation of the kinetic energy of the twin flywheels, it is possible to precisely control the object as it passes through the dense layers of the atmosphere, directing the waste parts at the right angle for complete combustion. Such moments as the acceleration with the solar sail under the tack, the control of the spent steps without the use of jet fuel become real. This will significantly reduce costs and improve the economic efficiency of space exploration.

Sut' razrabotki prosta: v osnove deystviya lezhit printsip giroskopa, izvestnyy s kontsa XIX veka, no primenennyy pod drugim uglom. Sam apparat vystupayet v roli rychaga, pozvolyayushchego fiksirovat' korpus v nuzhnom polozhenii i zadavat' tochnuyu trayektoriyu bez zhestkoy privyazki k prostranstvennym koordinatam. Primeneniye rekuperatsii pozvolyayet ispol'zovat' sistemu «motor–generator» kak v obychnykh, tak i fors-mazhornykh obstoyatel'stvakh. Akkumulyator v kachestve nakopitelya energii dlya avtomobiley perestayet byt' nuzhnym. Shirokiye perspektivy ot vnedreniya sistemy «Geksotor»(Gecsotor™) khorosho chuvstvuyut predstaviteli krupnogo biznesa, rukovoditeli gosudarstvennykh organizatsiy, svyazannykh s aviaperevozkami i osvoyeniyem kosmosa. Nedarom izobreteniyem uzhe zainteresovalis' predprinimateli iz Yevropy, Ameriki, Azii, kotoryye khotyat postavit' na konveyyer proizvodstvo stol' tsennogo produkta. Umnaya skhema deystvitel'no prineset ne tol'ko solidnyy dokhod predpriyatiyam, kotoryye voz'mutsya za vypusk i realizatsiyu, no i povysit bezopasnost' poletov, chto yavlyayetsya pervoocherednoy zadachey politiki lyubogo gosudarstva. Razrabotka «Geksotor»(Gecsotor™) so vremenem stanet oposredovannym pokazatelem razvitiya strany, simvolom moshchi toy ili inoy derzhavy. Video o sisteme dostupno po
The essence of the development is simple: the principle of the gyroscope, known from the end of the XIX century, but applied from a different angle, is at the core of the action. The device itself acts as a lever that allows you to fix the body in the desired position and set the exact path without a rigid reference to spatial coordinates. The use of recovery allows the use of the system “motor – generator” in both normal and force majeure circumstances. Battery as an energy storage device for cars is no longer necessary.

The broad prospects from the introduction of the Gecsotor ™ system are well felt by representatives of big business, heads of government organizations involved in air transportation and space exploration. It is not without reason that entrepreneurs from Europe, America, and Asia, who want to put the production of such a valuable product on the conveyor belt, have become interested in the invention. A smart scheme will really bring not only substantial income to enterprises that will take up production and sales, but will also increase flight safety, which is the top priority of any state’s policy. The development of Geksotor ™ will eventually become an indirect indicator of the development of a country, a symbol of the power of a particular power.

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More recently, a group of Russian and German scientists has created a unique development that instantly riveted the attention of designers around the world. The Gecsotor ™ system, aimed at improving the stability of moving objects, regardless of external factors, can be a revolutionary step towards progress. What driver, pilot, captain does not dream about the balance of the vehicle entrusted to him, regardless of weather conditions? This will be possible after the integration of a smart circuit into the control system of each device.

The principle of the development, which received the certificate of Rospatent number 2679691, is quite simple. Due to the accumulation of the kinetic energy of twin flywheels, in which the object itself acts as a lever, the apparatus is further stabilized in space without reference to the coordinate system. Moreover, the greater the lever, the easier the control, which is well known by the law of the gyroscope, opened at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. That is, the larger the mass of a moving object, the easier it is to manipulate it. This is truly a revolutionary development that can have a serious impact on the vector of further development of various industries.

As the general director, an expert of the international Caspian environmental program, a correspondent member of the Russian Ecological Academy, a candidate of technical sciences, an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Microbiology, A. A. Mungiev, said. “The object control system in the Geksotor ™ space meets the requirements for this type of work and is of practical importance.

Potential for aviation and cars

The enormous potential of the development of Moscow and Berlin scientists lies in reducing the number of aircraft crashes and accidents on the roads. It is possible to use the Geksotor ™ system in normal and emergency situations. It is important that the scheme works perfectly with light-duty vehicles, as well as on large ships with high inertia moment and complex stealth aerodynamics. Cargo and light cars will be more stable to stay on the road, drifts will be minimal. It can not please the pilots, drivers and passengers. What exactly does the introduction of innovative development?

· Ability to take off and land on short strips of airfields.

· Aircraft control in hypersound without ailerons and rudders.

· Stabilization of the object in case of strong side wind and icing.

· Optimization of performance properties for vehicles with vertical takeoff.

· Improving the flight performance of new and old aircraft.

· Prevention of cabrirovaniye, distortions, drifts, possible peak situations.

· Facilitate control regardless of weather conditions at any time of the year.

Prospects for astronautics

The integration of the Gecsotor ™ scheme into manned and unmanned ships opens up truly revolutionary opportunities for progress. The days are not far distant when the presence of a smart system will allow us to talk about the development of the space industry in a single country. The accumulation of the kinetic energy of a pair of flywheels — this system underlies the functioning of any aircraft — makes it possible to stabilize without a rigid reference to the spatial coordinate system. What other benefits will space objects equipped with the Hexotor scheme?

· Easy passage of the most difficult area - dense layers of the atmosphere.

· The possibility of acceleration at an angle to the light flux (the so-called "solar sail").

· A clear direction of the trajectory, which is especially important when joining.

· True to space debris to give a directional fall.

· Landing waste stages without additional fuel consumption.

· A clear fixation of the object in the desired position, fast maneuverability and turns.

· Development of the optimal flight trajectory along the orbit as close as possible to the Sun.

The operational advantages of the widespread introduction of the Geksotor ™ system are visible even to a non-specialist. The service life of the equipment will increase, the number of accidents will decrease, the number of emergency situations will decrease, which will save thousands of human lives, make flights more accessible and attractive. This will give impetus to the further development of the transport industry, attract additional funds to the budget, and make the aviation and space business more profitable and profitable.

No wonder representatives of Western business circles are seriously interested in the Russian-German development. Countries planning to adopt a unique invention will not fail: the potential benefit has already been calculated by economists and contains amounts with many zeros. Russia, like no other country in the world, is better aware of the importance of the development of automobiles, aviation and cosmonautics. Therefore, there is no doubt that with the support at the state level, the integration of the Gecsotor ™ smart scheme will open new horizons for the domestic industry to reach the front lines.

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Today, it’s not an easy task to find a person who lives completely out of touch with the modern world. Information inevitably reaches us in one way or another, whether it’s television, newspapers, radio, the Internet or word of mouth. Above all else, it’s almost impossible to avoid news about recent man-made disasters.

Despite the development of modern technology, alarm and security systems, ships continue to collide with each other, submarines sink, planes crash, trains go off the rails, cars go out of control and turn over. This is the harsh truth that can’t be denied.

Obviously, most of these disasters happen due to human error or the so-called ‘human factor’. However, the fact is that the operation of any vehicle is inevitably associated with two impeding factors: inertia and mass. Some disasters could’ve been completely avoided if the pilot or driver had the right tool to quickly stop the vehicle or change its path of motion to avoid the crash.

Just imagine, that instead of crashing into a bridge, beach or another ship, it would’ve been possible to triple the turning rate of the ship and avoid the disaster by doing so, or at least minimize the damage taken. This is particularly important for huge ocean liners. After all, these small floating cities carry the most expensive cargo in the world, namely human lives.

Happy to inform you, that now there is such a tool!

Through joint efforts of the Russian and German engineers, we have developed a unique turning, fixation and attitude control system, now known as “Gecsotor”. The system is aimed at improving the stability of heavy objects with a large inertial mass. The system has already made waves in the global scientific and technological community.

What are the advantages of the “Gecsotor” system?

An innovative control system;

Compatibility with both large objects and mechanisms, and smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles;

Ability to easily update old vehicle fleets, such as aircraft fleets, in order to achieve safer operation of such vehicles.

For road transport:

Improvement of road-holding ability for trucks and light motor vehicles;

Better vehicle handling during turns;

No turn-overs or skidding on icy roads.

For the water and underwater transports:

Tilting and turbulence decrease during storms;

Exclusion of the possibility of turn-over;

Increased maneuverability during the emergency;

Ability to navigate in ports without the help of towers.

For aircraft:

High flight safety in harsh climatic conditions;

Increased stability during takeoff and landing, decreased turbulence;

Lower airstrip length requirements;

Exclusion of the possibility of turn-over in any weather patterns;

Increased stability and torque compensation during aircraft nosing-up, tilting, and other emergency conditions.

On top of that, the “Gecsotor” system allows to change the path of motion without the use of the steering wheel, ailerons, engines with adjustable thrust vector and is a perfect choice for hypersonic flight.

The system drastically increases the reliability of aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing: convertiplanes, helicopters, drones;

Addition of the “Gecsotor” system to UAVs would provide the means to develop completely new devices, capable of withstanding seemingly impossible load and acceleration while being able to instantly change the path of motion.

The system has a wide range of applications in the space industry:

Optimization of satellite orbital positions;

Increased maneuverability of satellite stations;

Better launch vehicle control during the penetration of dense atmosphere layers;

Ability to lock the position of the object during coupling;

Giving space debris the desired direction of movement to burn it in the atmosphere;

Management and stabilization of used launch-vehicle stages or reusable launch-vehicles without using rocket fuel.

The invention is based on the interaction of the power systems and the vehicle body by means of storage, preservation, and subsequent use of the kinetic energy of the coupled flywheels in combination with the gyroscopic action. The system itself acts as a lever that allows the pilot to perform the necessary actions: rotation, locking position, and torque compensation regardless of environmental conditions and the coordinate system used.

The “Gecsotor” system opens up new ways to design and manufacture modern aircraft, road and water transport, as well as spacecraft. The high standards of safety and reliability of the “Gecsotor” system will significantly reduce the number of emergencies and save thousands of lives!

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The Geksotor ™ system, recently introduced to the general public, was created by Russian and German engineers. It is designed to stabilize and increase the stability of objects in space, regardless of environmental conditions. It is characteristic that the larger the object, the more successfully the system functions. The development is applicable to any direction of technology, including all types of aerospace industry.

In the sky like on earth

The recently introduced system of Giros Kinetic Stability Active Control (GKSAC), which operates on the same principle, is designed to increase the course stability of trucks and cars, precise control during cornering, and no turning over on an icy track. Now airplanes will get the same opportunities. For passenger and transport aviation, the problem of weather conditions is extremely relevant: avid tourists know how often flights are delayed due to wind, rain, and snow.

The problem can be completely solved after integrating the Gecsotor ™ into the liner control system. It is important that the scheme works on light vehicles and on large ships. Control is carried out using the interaction of spaced power units consisting of paired super-flywheels standing in different spatial planes. In addition, it is additionally possible to use energy storage by the “motor – generator bundle”.

After installing the Geksotor ™ scheme, the liner will receive additional stability, that is, leads to the side and distortions will be eliminated. It will be easier to control, which can be carried out without aileron and steering. Aircraft will be able to take off and land on the strip with a shorter length. The novelty will affect the improvement of the flight properties of convertoplanes, helicopters and other units with vertical takeoff. New features will receive devices made using stealth technology.

In space, you can fly confidently

Spacecraft - vehicles with a large inertial moment - especially need additional control capabilities. The invention of Geksotor ™, which has already completed the patenting process and obtained the relevant certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, will help to achieve this. The rocket body without a rigid binding to the initial point of coordinates is in itself a kind of lever that facilitates control.

Among the most important advantages of development for spacecraft are such factors as reliable control of the object when entering the atmosphere (it is here that unforeseen events often occur), as well as the ability to fix and rotate the object in any direction regardless of the surrounding conditions. The possibility of a spacecraft moving at an angle to the light flux will be used - such a tack trajectory is also called acceleration with a solar sail.

Huge prospects are promised by the optimization of the approach to space junk, the transfer of kinetic energy and the imparting to it the desired trajectory for safe combustion. The enormous economic benefits will be brought by the prospect of using the planting of spent plant fragments without the consumption of jet fuel. This promises considerable dividends to designers, manufacturers, the state. In short, the widespread introduction of the Gecsotor ™ system, to which large Western and Russian entrepreneurs have already shown unprecedented interest, is beneficial to all.

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03 APRIL 2019

The joint invention of Russian and German engineers, which received the certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, has every chance not only to say a new word in the aircraft industry and astronautics, but also to become a truly revolutionary step in the development of airspace.

The success of using the Gecsotor ™ system on cars and trucks, ships and submarines has been calculated: very impressive figures are obtained. Integration of the smart scheme in transport and passenger aircraft will bring no less benefit.

In interstellar space



The principle of operation of the “Gecsotor ™” scheme is based on controlling the position of an object, carried out by giving or accumulating the kinetic energy of paired super-flywheels or whole force systems, as well as the well-known gyro effect. In this case, the apparatus itself acts as a lever, which makes it possible to perform the required actions: rotate, fix, or compensate for the moment of forces without a rigid reference to the spatial coordinate system. Due to this, spacecraft open up truly revolutionary perspectives, which only recently could only be dreamed of. Among them, it is worth highlighting the following aspects:

  • precise control of the object during the passage of dense layers of the atmosphere;
  • acceleration of a spacecraft in close orbit to the sun at an angle to the luminous flux (movement under a tack with a solar sail);
  • fixation and rotation of a heavy object in any direction at a specified time, one of the examples of the docking of a spacecraft;
  • the possibility of optimizing the course when approaching the spacecraft;
  • giving the right direction to the movement of space debris in order to completely burn in the atmosphere of the earth;
  • control of landing of the fulfilled steps without use of jet fuel.

Flying in the sky


The enormous potential in terms of security holds the introduction of the scheme in transport and passenger aircraft. The innovative invention "Geksotor ™" will allow you to safely and reliably control various aircraft, including those made by stealth technology. At the same time, the “motor – generator” bundle does not need to be supplied with energy during an accident. The system is effective for any units, including with vertical takeoff - convertible planes or helicopters. New horizons have opened up in the creation of unmanned vehicles, in the synergy of artificial intelligence and the modular construction of objects. Among other undoubted advantages, the following factors should be noted:

  • improving flight performance by optimizing the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft;
  • the emergence of the opportunity to land and take off on the shortened strips of airfields;
  • increase of stability and compensation of the moment of forces in connection, misalignment and other emergency situations;
  • the ability to control without steering wheels, ailerons and engines with variable thrust vector;
  • elimination of the risk of a sudden overturn of the object, regardless of weather factors;
  • control in flight conditions in hypersound without using the capabilities of aerodynamics.

These and many other criteria of reliability and safety will allow, firstly, to significantly reduce the number of emergencies, and secondly, to change the concept in the manufacture of aircraft. This will give huge savings. It is no coincidence that many representatives of foreign businesses have actively become interested in the Gecsotor ™ system. There is no doubt that the implementation of the development will be a matter of national importance. Integration of the invention into aircraft will save thousands of human lives, which is a priority issue, as well as bring substantial profits to corporations and government budgets of many major world powers.

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28 мар 10:05 Технологии

google translation original in Russian

The joint invention of Moscow and Berlin designers "Geksotor ™", aimed at increasing the stability of heavy objects with a large inertial mass, has already caused quite a stir in the global technical community. However, many experts and ordinary consumers believe that the Geksotor system, which completed the patenting process and received the relevant certificate of Rospatent No. 2679691, is intended mainly for land vehicles. This is not the case: aircraft construction and astronautics will receive enormous prospects from the introduction.


To distant galaxies

First of all, we are talking about a fundamentally different object management system. This is important when the spacecraft enters the dense atmosphere, where the risk of emergency situations is especially great. Docking the ship now is easy.
In addition, there will be a lot of unprecedented opportunities. The creators see a great prospect in the movement of the spacecraft under the tack, with the so-called solar sail. The optimal approach path to space debris and giving it the necessary course for safe disposal seems to be effective. It seems promising to plant waste stages without using additional jet fuel, which will save a lot of money. On all sides, the implementation of this system is technically feasible and cost-effective.

Aircraft safety for passengers

It is no secret that the fleet of aircraft used by most of the world's carriers is morally and physically obsolete. From the point of view of flight safety and the vast majority of fleet units, it is simply dangerous to fly on some units. The product “Gecsotor ™” will change the concept of civil aviation safety. The control capabilities of aircraft made using stealth technology will change dramatically. Hexotor will make life easier for pilots and will add comfort in the management of such complex vehicles. Meanwhile, an aircraft with an integrated system of rotation, fixation and stabilization of the object will allow not to think about the climatic conditions and weather factors without the risk of creating an emergency. Given the potential for recovery, it can be used in both normal and force majeure situations.


What specific perspectives will an aircraft with an integrated Geksotor ™ system get?
Significantly improved flight performance. It will be possible to take off and sit on the strip with a reduced length. Artificial intelligence and pilots will be able to change the trajectory of movement, despite the aerodynamic capabilities of the device - without the use of the steering wheel, ailerons, engines with varying vector thrust. The Gecsotor ™ project is designed to control when flying in hypersound.

The characteristics of vertical take-off aircraft, in particular, convertiplanes, will increase. One of the main ideas of the project is the ability to maintain directional stability when moving in space, due to the interaction between the power elements or the body of the apparatus.
It is no secret that in manned flights around the world a great experience has been gained in creating aircraft, but with the new approach to conventional mechanics, new horizons have opened up for further development. In the development of the Artificial Inetlect and unmanned airspace, the Hexotor project ("Gecsotor ™"), adapted for UAVs, will create new directions, from flying platforms, to transformers modified by combat characteristics.

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移動物体の安定した位置は、装置の信頼性と人々の安全性において最も重要な要素です。 このような状況は、すべての国の企業にとって新たな課題をすべて引き起こしています。 彼らはモスクワとベルリンのエンジニアのグループによって首尾よく決定されました。 発明された システム「Geksotor」 気候条件や外部環境との相互作用に関係なく、空間内での物体の回転、固定、安定化の問題を解決するように設計されています。 発明を特許化するプロセス ブランドのGecsotor™ ロシア国内外では完成しており、本発明に対するすべての権利は保護されている。

نظام "Geksotor": تطوير مبتكرة من المصممين في روسيا والاتحاد الأوروبي

إن الموقف الثابت للأجسام المتحركة هو أهم عامل في موثوقية الأجهزة وسلامة الأشخاص. يمثل هذا الظرف جميع التحديات الجديدة أمام الشركات من جميع البلدان. لقد تم اختيارهم بنجاح من قبل مجموعة من مهندسي موسكو وبرلين. اخترع نظام "Geksotor" مصممة لحل مشكلة دوران وتثبيت وتثبيت كائن في الفضاء ، بغض النظر عن الظروف المناخية والتفاعل مع البيئة الخارجية. عملية تسجيل براءة اختراع و العلامة التجارية Gecsotor ™ في روسيا والخارج اكتمال ، محمية جميعحقوق الاختراع.

المزيد عن:

Sistema "Geksotor": sviluppo innovativo di designer in Russia e nell'UE

La posizione stabile degli oggetti in movimento è il fattore più importante nell'affidabilità dell'apparato e nella sicurezza delle persone. Questa circostanza pone tutte le nuove sfide per le aziende di tutti i paesi. Sono stati scelti con successo da un gruppo di ingegneri di Mosca e Berlino. inventato sistema "Geksotor" progettato per risolvere il problema della rotazione, fissazione e stabilizzazione di un oggetto nello spazio, indipendentemente dalle condizioni climatiche e dall'interazione con l'ambiente esterno. Il processo di brevettare un'invenzione e Brand Gecsotor ™ in Russia e all'estero è completato, tutti i diritti per l'invenzione sono protetti.
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Sistema "Geksotor": desarrollo innovador de diseñadores en Rusia y la UE

La posición estable de los objetos en movimiento es el factor más importante en la confiabilidad de los dispositivos y la seguridad de las personas. Esta circunstancia plantea todos los nuevos retos para las empresas de todos los países. Fueron decididos con éxito por un grupo de ingenieros de Moscú y Berlín. Inventado sistema "geksotor" diseñado para resolver el problema de la rotación, fijación y estabilización de un objeto en el espacio, independientemente de las condiciones climáticas y la interacción con el entorno externo. El proceso de patentar una invención y Marca Gecsotor ™ En Rusia y en el extranjero se completa, todos los derechos de la invención están protegidos.
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Système "Geksotor": développement innovant de concepteurs en Russie et dans l'UE

La position stable des objets en mouvement est le facteur le plus important pour la fiabilité de l'appareil et la sécurité des personnes. Cette situation pose de nouveaux défis aux entreprises de tous les pays. Ils ont été décidés avec succès par un groupe d'ingénieurs de Moscou et de Berlin. Inventé système "Geksotor" conçu pour résoudre le problème de la rotation, de la fixation et de la stabilisation d'un objet dans l'espace, quelles que soient les conditions climatiques et les interactions avec l'environnement extérieur. Le processus de brevetage d'une invention et Marque Gecsotor ™ En Russie et à l'étranger est terminée, tous les droits sur l'invention sont protégés.
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System "Geksotor": innovative development of designers in Russia and the EU

The steady position of moving objects is the most important factor in the reliability of devices and the safety of people. This circumstance poses all the new challenges for companies of all countries. They were successfully decided by a group of Moscow and Berlin engineers. Invented system "Geksotor" designed to solve the problem of rotation, fixation and stabilization of an object in space, regardless of climatic conditions and interaction with the external environment. The process of patenting an invention and Brand Gecsotor ™ in Russia and abroad is completed, all rights to the invention are protected.
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System "Geksotor": innovative Entwicklung von Designern in Russland und der EU

Die stabile Position von sich bewegenden Objekten ist der wichtigste Faktor für die Zuverlässigkeit des Geräts und die Sicherheit von Personen. Dieser Umstand stellt alle Unternehmen vor neue Herausforderungen. Sie wurden von einer Gruppe von Moskauer und Berliner Ingenieuren erfolgreich entschieden. Erfunden System "Geksotor" entwickelt, um das Problem der Rotation, Fixierung und Stabilisierung eines Objekts im Weltraum zu lösen, unabhängig von den klimatischen Bedingungen und der Interaktion mit der äußeren Umgebung. Der Patentierungsprozess einer Erfindung und Marke Gecsotor ™ In Russland und im Ausland sind alle Rechte an der Erfindung geschützt.
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Система «Гексотор»: инновационная разработка конструкторов России и ЕС

Устойчивое положение движущихся объектов – важнейший фактор надежности аппаратов и безопасности людей. Это обстоятельство ставит все новые задачи перед компаниями всех стран. Их успешно решила группа московских и берлинских инженеров. Изобретенная система «Гексотор» призвана решить проблему поворота, фиксации и стабилизации объекта в пространстве независимо от климатических условий и взаимодействия с внешней средой. Процесс патентования изобретения и торговой марки Gecsotor™ в России и за рубежом завершен, все права на изобретение защищены.
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إن الموقف الثابت للأجسام المتحركة هو أهم عامل في موثوقية الأجهزة وسلامة الأشخاص. يمثل هذا الظرف جميع التحديات الجديدة أمام الشركات من جميع البلدان. لقد تم اختيارهم بنجاح من قبل مجموعة من مهندسي موسكو وبرلين. اخترع نظام "Geksotor" مصممة لحل مشكلة دوران وتثبيت وتثبيت كائن في الفضاء ، بغض النظر عن الظروف المناخية والتفاعل مع البيئة الخارجية. عملية تسجيل براءة اختراع و العلامة التجارية Gecsotor ™ في روسيا والخارج اكتمال ، محمية جميع حقوق الاختراع.

ما هو؟

تعتبر الأنظمة المسؤولة عن الوضع المستقر للمركبة على الأرض ، في الماء ، على الهواء ، بغض النظر عن الطقس ، مهمة للغاية لأي آلات وتجميعات. وليس فقط في مجال النقل: هذه الآليات ستكون بالتأكيد مطلوبة في قطاعات مختلفة من الاقتصاد الوطني - الهندسة الميكانيكية ، تكرير النفط والطاقة. تم تصميم النظام الذي طوره العلماء للأجسام من أي كتلة مع لحظة كبيرة من القصور الذاتي ، والتي ، كقاعدة عامة ، هي المشكلة الأكثر شيوعًا في إدارة الجسم.

براءة الإختراع

من المفترض أن يتم إدخال نظام "Geksotor" في مجالات مهمة مثل الملاحة الفضائية ، وبناء الطائرات ، وتشغيل الطائرات ، وطائرات الهليكوبتر ، والطائرات بدون طيار ، وبناء الغواصات ، والغواصات ، والسفن. هناك استخدام الابتكار في الروبوتات. لن يكون هناك Gecsotor ™ إضافي عند استخدامه في النقل البري: يتيح لك النظام التحكم في السيارة في أي طقس ، حتى مع الرياح القوية ، في العاصفة الثلجية والجليد ، مما يضمن استقرار المركبات وسلامة الأشخاص.

مزايا النظام

يجب اعتبار الاختراع ظاهرة مستقلة ، والتي سوف تجد التطبيق في الحياة اليومية. ميزة أخرى لا جدال فيها هي أن تطوير Geksotor يمكن أن يكون بمثابة نقطة انطلاق لتحسين وتحديث أنظمة التحكم الحالية. في هذا الصدد ، يندمج بشكل مثالي في أنظمة معروفة ، مما يسمح لك بإنشاء الإضافات الضرورية للآليات التقليدية التي تزيد من موثوقيتها وسلامة. ويستند الاختراع على التفاعل بين محطات توليد الطاقة بسبب تراكم أو فقدان الطاقة الحركية ، وذلك باستخدام تأثير جيروسكوب. بسبب تأثير الرافعة المالية ، حيث الرافعة كائن ، يتم تنفيذ الإجراء المطلوب ، مناورة.

كيف يمكنك تجنب قلب السيارة بغطاء جانبي؟ بسبب ما سوف تكون قادرة على تحقيق وضع مستقر للطائرة ، والمياه أثناء الطقس السيئ؟ كيفية تركيب الصاري ، الهوائي ، الهيكل الشاهق بشكل آمن ، دون خوف من الانعطاف؟ إن الإجابة على هذه الأسئلة مقدمة من نظام Gecsotor ™ ، وهي براءة اختراع تشهد على حداثة الاكتشاف ، والطبيعة الثورية للاختراع ، والقيمة العلمية والعملية لهذا التطور.

احتمالات التطبيق

التوقعات الواضحة لاستخدام نظام الطاقة Geksotor مرئية للعين المجردة. سوف يساعد الاختراع في حل العديد من المشاكل. ومن أهمها عدم القبول بالذروة ، وإمكانية إقلاع وهبوط الطائرات بالرياح والجليد ، مما يقلل من عدد الحوادث في الجو. سيعمل المخطط المتكامل على تحسين خصائص الأداء للسيارات غير المأهولة والطائرات والمروحيات ذات الخصائص القديمة والهندسة المعقدة.


نفس القدر من الأهمية هو تطوير Gecsotor ™ عند استخدامه في النقل المائي. سوف يسمح النظام للحفاظ على مسار حتى في ظروف ضعف الرؤية ، في عاصفة وعاصفة. بالنسبة لسائقي السيارات ، سيكون هذا الاكتشاف مفاجأة سارة أيضًا: فالتطوير المتكامل سيسمح بالحفاظ على الثبات عند الدوران ، وتوزيع الحمولة بشكل صحيح بين المحاور ، مما سيمكن السائق من الشعور بثقة خلف عجلة القيادة في جميع الظروف الجوية. وهذا لا ينطبق فقط على سيارات الركاب ، ولكن أيضًا على الشاحنات والحافلات والدراجات النارية.

لنفترض أن الأمان هو YES

إن تركيب نظام الطاقة لتثبيت السيارة هو اختراق واضح في تحسين موثوقية الوحدات وضمان سلامة الناس.

إن سوق تنفيذ نظام Geksotor كبير بشكل غير عادي ، وحسب الحسابات ، يتم حساب اتجاه واحد فقط من خلال عدد الأصفار والمليارات.

لا شك في أن نظام Gecsotor ™ سيحتل مكانًا هامًا في حياة كل شخص ، بطريقة أو بأخرى مرتبطة بالتكنولوجيا.


Published Mon, Mar 4th 2019

Gecsotor System: an innovative solution by Russian and EU engineers

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Stable position of moving objects is the key aspect of vehicle reliability and human safety. This fact sets more and more new challenging tasks to companies from all over the world. However, these tasks were successfully solved by a team of Moscow and Berlin engineers.

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The brand new Gecsotor System is aimed to solve the problem of turning, fixation, and attitude control in space regardless of weather conditions and environment interaction. The invention and Gecsotor trademark are already patented in Russia and abroad, and all rights are reserved.

What it s for

Systems that provide positional stability of the vehicle on the ground, on the water and in the air regardless of weather conditions are essential for every type of machinery. Moreover, such systems are used not only in vehicles. They often find their use in various industry sectors, namely in mechanical engineering, oil processing, and power industry. Developed by scientists, the system is intended for objects of any weight with a high moment of inertia, which is usually the main source of problems during handling such objects.

It s expected to implement the Gecsotor System in such technology-based fields of activity, as cosmonautics, aircraft engineering, the operation of planes, helicopters, drones, construction of submersibles, submarines, and ships. On top of that, the innovative solution has applications in robotic engineering. Gecsotor fits ground transport, too. The system guarantees the safety of vehicles and people, allowing you to handle such transport in any weather, even in windy conditions, blizzard or black frost.

The advantages of the system

The system should be seen as an independent invention that will find many uses in everyday human life. On the other hand, Gecsotor will serve as a starting point of many improvements and upgrades in already existing control systems. It will effortlessly integrate into conventional control mechanisms, while vastly improving their safety and reliability. The invention is based on gyroscopic action and interworking between power systems by means of momentum build-up or loss. The required action or maneuver is performed due to the lever effect, where the role of the lever is played the object itself.

How it s possible to avoid roll-over during sidewise skidding? By what means can stable position of an aircraft or watercraft in harsh weather conditions be achieved? What s the proper way to keep a mast, an antenna, or any high construction in place without the risk of roll-over? The answer to these and many other questions is Gecsotor . The patent indicates a novelty of the invention, its innovativeness, and immense scientific and practical value.

Application perspectives

Bright application prospects of the Gecsotor power system can be seen with an unaided eye. The invention could solve many challenging issues. The most important applications of the system as we see it the prevention of nosediving and assistance in aerial devices takeoff and landing in windy or icy conditions. This will greatly decrease the number of accidents. The integrated system will improve the performance of any drones, outdated planes and helicopters, and even stealth aircraft with complex geometry.

No fewer applications Gecsotor has in the water transport. The system ensures a steady course of movement in any conditions, including violent gales and storms. For drivers, the system will be a welcome surprise as well. The integrated system should help them maintain stability during turns, spread load between axles, and feel safe while driving in any weather conditions. This applies not only to light-duty vehicles but also to freighters and motorcycles.

Say YES to safety

Installment of the vehicle stabilization power system is a sheer breakthrough in terms of vehicle reliability and human safety improvement.

The target market of the Gecsotor system is exceptionally wide, and only one line of development can yield billions in revenue.

There is no doubt that Gecsotor has everything it takes to become an integral part of every tech-related man's life.


Gecsotor System: a breakthrough brought to life by western and eastern developers

New York Statesman
11 Mar 2019, 10 GMT+10

Gecsotor System: an innovative solution by Russian and EU engineers

International Technology
28 Feb 2019, 10 GMT+10

Gecsotor turning, fixation and attitude control System: an innovative solution

from Russia and Germany

Beijing Bulletin
05 Mar 2019, 10 GMT+10

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