Nuclear Interference or "Poseidon flock"

Sakharov’s idea, which used a 100-kiloton nuclear charge to create a wave that could destroy coastal infrastructure. It was embodied in the form of unmanned underwater vehicles Poseidon "Status-6" entering the arsenal of the Russian army. Poseidon in the singular having these characteristics can already be called a weapon of retaliation or, as the Pentagon says, a weapon carrying a “serious strategic threat” for coastal military installations, ports, and aircraft carrier groups.
When using Poseidon not as a single charge, but as a chess composition or, more simply, in the form of a pack, where three explosions will take place first, and behind the descent of the waves towards the alleged enemy, two will explode to spur the wave and then the final one.
This flock of Poseidons will create Megatsunami capable of affecting not only the coastline, but also go much further where salt water could only be seen in a bottle of mineral water.